FAS initiates and supports research in the areas of working life, public health and welfare

Main areas of research

Main areas of research

The research funded by Forte is divided into six main areas, with associated sub-areas. A general description of the research conducted within the six main areas is provided below.

Main areas

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Work and health
- Physical, chemical, biological risks, etc. Therese Woodhill
- Psychosocial factors, stress, sickness, etc. Cecilia Odelstierna
Work organisation Tove Hammarberg
Labour market Ulla Wallin
Public health Kerstin Carsjö
Welfare Ulla Wallin
Social services and social relations Thomas Jacobsson


Forte is responsible for the coordination of socio-scientific alcohol and drugs research and the coordination of research on

  • Functional impairments
  • International migration and ethnic relations (IMER)
  • Children and young people
  • The elderly

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